September 6, 2018

How to Leave a Great Last Impression with Circular Design

It’s true, first impressions matter; but have you ever thought about what’s the final impression you leave a customer?Is it trash? And we mean that literally. If your customer’s final interaction with your brand is to toss your empty packaging in the garbage can it may be time to add some Circular Design to your food or edibles business.
Rather than a linear make-use-dispose route, Circular Design explores how even packaging can be created with a a higher purpose and use materials designed to be reused, repurposed or easily recycled. 
Our goal with these custom illustrated boxes for Malabar Origins and Mistobox was to design a shipping box that people will want to keep and re-use, rather than throw out.
So, what’s the final impression you want to leave with your customers?
subscription box design for Malabar Origins designed by Pretty Lethal Designs
Malabar origins ornate brand logo designed by Pretty Lethal Designs