September 20, 2018

Ghost-proof your business

We’ve all done it – we’ve all ghosted a business. It’s those times you’ve walked in a store or cafe, been ignored by staff and then just quietly walked out. Or you’ve been underwhelmed by a product or their customer service, but instead of complaining, you just think to yourself ‘i’m never going to shop there again’. 
Of course, this also means that potential customers are ghosting you too. Maybe you took too long to respond to a query, maybe your packaging looked too amateur, maybe your hours were inconvenient – since these ghosts never became customers, it can be tricky getting definitive details on why they chose not to become a customer, so it’s useful to view your business from an outside perspective to discover the pain points that may be losing you business.
To get started, think about how people interact with your business in four key spaces – physical spaces (like a store front); virtual spaces (website and email); social spaces (social media, traditional media); and shared spaces (partners’ retail spaces, conferences). In each of these spaces customers may be discovering your business for the first time, deciding whether to purchase or not, or using your product or service. 
View your businesses from a customer’s perspective and plot the likely interactions your customers have with your business in each space. What are they looking to do? What’s getting in the way? What are the reasons they give up and ghost you?
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