September 27, 2018

Four spaces your brand delivers impact

Are you a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person? If you’re an optimist then every interaction you have with a customer is a chance to turn them into a brand fan; if you’re a pessimist, you’re simply trying to avoid fucking things up at each interaction and losing a customer!
Either way, if you want to retain customers and earn fans, it’s important that every greet, meet and tweet impresses the pants off your customers –  start by focusing in on these four key spaces:

Physical Spaces

These are your retail spaces, real brick and mortar spaces that you control. Brand interactions can include storefront signage, product displays, the quality of customer service from staff, and the speed and experience of purchasing at the checkout. Every interaction will impact your customers’ perception of your brand.

Virtual Spaces

These are your online spaces that you manage, typically websites, emails and apps. Brand interactions here include speed of the site, quality of photography, tone of your copywriting, frequency of emails or ease of navigation. Again, every interaction will impact your customers’ perception of your brand.

Social Spaces

These are spaces were interactions with your brand are in a group or public setting, think social media, presentations, exhibitions. Brand interactions include social media posts, the design of your expo booth, the style of your slideshows. And yep, you guessed it, every interaction will impact your customers’ perception of your brand.

Shared Spaces

These are spaces controlled by partners and allies, where you still have a brand presence. This can include retail shelves in a dispensary, media coverage on a local TV channel, a listing in a business directory or an ad in a publication. In this space, the perception of your brand can be impacted by the those partners and third parties too.
The first step to ensuring every interaction with brand is as awesomely amazing as possible is to map the interactions customers have with your brand in each space. (more on this in future articles!)