Pretty Lethal Designs is comprised of a formidable team of female creatives working collaboratively from across the country to help artisan businesses build a brand with lasting impact. Our collective experience working for top agencies and brands create a pretty lethal combination of skills that help growing businesses establish all of the key facets successful brands—strategy, design, marketing and copywriting.

Samantha Everett


If we meet in person you’ll find me listening more than speaking, and when I do speak, it usually includes an unintentional sprinkling of all of my favorite four letter words. But don’t take it heart, it’s just my version of normal considering that I was born and raised by bikers. Yes, those bikers. Leather jackets. Tattoos. Bandanas with flaming skulls.

As you can imagine, when I decided to travel on my own halfway across the globe to the United Kingdom for my BA in Graphic Communication, they didn’t understand why, but they knew the importance of making your own path even if it’s against the norm’.

During my 10+ years as a designer and art director, my Midwestern work ethic helped me become a highly sought-after resource on the Global Brand teams of companies like Hyatt Hotels and Motorola Solutions. Working with these Fortune 500 companies, I used the ‘form follows function’ principals I learned in Britain to create designs that are as intentional as they are beautiful.

I love working with small businesses, because no matter where they are located on the globe, they all share the Midwestern attitude that doing things the right way often means hard work but also bring the biggest sense accomplishment.



When we’re not designing, we are explorers at heart. We travel. We eat. We approach new ideas, food and culture with curiosity and open minds.

We love discovering people who have a deep passion for what they create—food, booze, rare heirloom seeds, you name it.  It’s the people who love what they create, love supporting their industry’s community and who want to eagerly share that passion with the world who make our world go round.

We wouldn’t necessarily call ourselves foodies because we know that some of the best places you’ll ever eat are often hidden in plain sight —down twisting alleyways, off of unbeaten dirt roads and inside dark, dingy dives.



These are the guys who really run the show around here. If you hear squeaks, snuffles, huffs, or jingles while on a call with us, it’s probably just Ollie or Gwynnie looking to add their input or say Hello.

Ollie is our grumpy senior Yorkie with a beloved hobby of napping alone in the sun on a pile of cushions. He is the king of the castle but graciously welcomes everyone into his kingdom with excitement and enthusiasm.

Gwynnie is a different soul altogether. This little rescue pup doesn’t let her serious heart condition stop her from being a professional sassypants with enough spunk to make us worried if she’s quiet for too long.