No Matter If You’re

Starting Up or Scaling Up

Branding needs change at every stage of your business, so we created perfectly sized brand packages with just the right balance of strategic smarts and beautiful designs to give you all the tools you need at your fingertips. And, we gotta say, this is as close as you’ll get to a magic wand solution for your brand.


Start-Up Sized System 


Branding System 


Branding System

01. Strategy


02. Positioning

03. Messaging

04. Design

Brand Foundation

The “Holy Trio” of a solid visual brand.


  • Logo Identity Design
  • Color Palette Creation
  • Font & Typography System

Brand Finishes

The lil extra details that makes you recognizable in an instant and your customers melt.


  • Icon Design
  • Pattern Design
  • Illustrations/Graphics
  • Photography Styling

Brand Guide


You’ll have your very own space that has all of your brand assets organized and ready at your fingertips.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Download links to your Logo files (for web and print)
  • Color Palette Guidance (for web and print)
  • Typography Guidance


You’ll have your very own space that has all of your brand assets organized and ready at your fingertips.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Download links to your Logo files (for web and print)
  • Color Palette Guidance (for web and print)
  • Typography Guidance


This is the whole shabang. You’ll get everything in the standard Brand Guide, plus, extras that make your brand pretty much self-explanatory—leaving you more time for the good shit.


  • Your Brand Strategy
  • Your Brand Voice
  • Logo Identity System
    • Usage Guidance
    • Download links to files
  • Icons
    • Usage Guidance
    • Download links to files
  • Patterns
    • Usage Guidance
    • Download links to files
  • Photography Styling
    • Usage Guidance
    • Download links to files*
  • Stationary Assets
    • Usage Guidance
    • Download links to files
05. Everyday Essentials

Stationery & Social Media

With your new and swagger, it’s time to get the heck out there and impress the pants off everyone you meet!

You’ll have the survival basics:


  • Business Card design
  • Letterhead & Envelope design
  • eMail Signature design
  • PowerPoint Pitch Deck Template
Social Media
  • Social Media Account Branding
    • Avatar Image
    • Cover Image
    • Bio Description
  • Social Media Content Template


Start-Up Sized

Standard Dose

Branding Basics


Full Branding System

Good Vibes

From Our Clients

A Uniquely Bespoke

Branding Experience

You're Not a Number

We keep our project list small so that we can put our focus on you.

Stay In the Know

We use professional online tools to keep you updated in real time.

We're In It Together

Our design process brings you along on the creative journey.


You might be asking yourself:

What if…

...I Just Want a Logo

Your logo is meant to represent your business. So, if we’re going to design something that represents you, we need to know what it is we’re representing if we’re going to show off your business in the best light grab your target audience’s attention.

If you really, really only need a logo, there’s plenty of sources on the internet that do just that.

...things change after my business is running

We have you covered! After you’ve had a few months to live with your new brand, we’ll check in to see if there’s any minor adjustments needed. Whether you need a new asset or a particular hue isn’t working as well as you thought, we’ll make changes to make sure your brand is breaking in nicely.

If things have changed extensively or if you need to shift things around significantly, contact us and we’ll figure out a plan.

...I'm In a Hurry

While we can’t make any promises, we’ll see what we can do to fit you in. We tend to book up quickly, so best to contact us for a quote ASAP to see if we have availability.

...I don't like something

While we carefully designed our process to ensure only the best work comes your way, sometimes shit just happens, wires get crossed and things turn out a little *wah wah*.

No stress! For projects in progress, we include a round of revisions at every Review stage during the process with up to 3 hours of edit time. This covers a couple of minor tweaks or one medium sized modification.

If what we deliver is somehow waaaay off, we’ll hit Pause and review where things got off track so that we get back in the right direction.

...We Don't Work Well Together

Branding is a hard, sometimes challenging, process. You need to be able to talk openly and feel like you’re in good hands. And, let’s face it, no one is everyone’s cup of tea (or shot of whiskey).

So, if you realize we’re not the right fit for you after we begin the project, you can terminate the contract with 15 days notice.

There’s a cancellation fee, but any additional unused retainer funds will be refunded and we’ll package the files completed up to that point for your new agency.

...I Already Have a Logo

Whether you already have a logo but need the rest of your brand, or have a logo you love that needs a brand refresh, we can help!

Tell us about your business for a quote and a custom plan.

Or, you may be wondering…
How much does a branding system cost?

We’ve created our Branding Systems to include all the best tools and strategies used by big brands to grow faster and smarter.

Since everyone’s needs are a little bit different, the best way to get a time estimate is to tell us about your business for a quote.

How Long Does It Take?

Our Branding Systems typically take about 12-22 weeks from start to finish, depending on how much we’re creating for you.

The best way to get a time estimate for your particular needs is to contact us for a quote.

Can You Make My Website, Too?

We do not do websites, but we’re happy to put you in touch with folks who do!  Contact us for a referral.

Can I skip a section of the process?

If you already have an area of work completed, we’d be happy to review and assess if we everything we need to omit a section of the process. Otherwise, while we try to tailor our Branding Systems to the individual needs of our customers, each section is vitally important and can’t be skipped. Or as they say, No substitutions.

Where are you located?

We’re proud to call Milwaukee our official home!

Our team is made up of a group of Great Lakes gals from Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Do You Only Help Local Businesses?

You don’t need to be in the Midwest to work with us—from the center of Toronto to a remote island in the Pacific, we’ve collaborated with clients around the world.

Can I pet your dogs?

Of course! Smooches are extra.

Is It Destiny or Just

a Wonderful Dream?

The branding process can be intense and it’s important that you work with a team who’s best suited for you.

Answer a couple questions via the link below, and we’ll have a Free 30min sesh with you to talk though what’s holding you back and see if we’re the right fit for a magical collaboration.