• September 27, 2018

    Four spaces your brand delivers impact

    Are you a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person? If you’re an optimist then every interaction you have with a customer is a chance to turn them into a brand fan; if you’re a pessimist, you’re simply trying to avoid fucking things up at each interaction and losing a customer!
    Either way, if you want to retain customers and earn fans, it’s important that every greet, meet and tweet impresses the pants off your customers –  start by focusing in on these four key spaces:

    Physical Spaces

    These are your retail spaces, real brick and mortar spaces that you control. Brand interactions can include storefront signage, product displays, the quality of customer service from staff, and the speed and experience of purchasing at the checkout. Every interaction will impact your customers’ perception of your brand.

    Virtual Spaces

    These are your online spaces that you manage, typically websites, emails and apps. Brand interactions here include speed of the site, quality of photography, tone of your copywriting, frequency of emails or ease of navigation. Again, every interaction will impact your customers’ perception of your brand.

    Social Spaces

    These are spaces were interactions with your brand are in a group or public setting, think social media, presentations, exhibitions. Brand interactions include social media posts, the design of your expo booth, the style of your slideshows. And yep, you guessed it, every interaction will impact your customers’ perception of your brand.

    Shared Spaces

    These are spaces controlled by partners and allies, where you still have a brand presence. This can include retail shelves in a dispensary, media coverage on a local TV channel, a listing in a business directory or an ad in a publication. In this space, the perception of your brand can be impacted by the those partners and third parties too.
    The first step to ensuring every interaction with brand is as awesomely amazing as possible is to map the interactions customers have with your brand in each space. (more on this in future articles!)
  • September 23, 2018

    Is your Cannabis Brand Blazing, or is it Following the Herd?

    In most industries branding, packaging and marketing needs to speak to only one group – your potential customers. In the cannabis industry, however, to give your brand the best chance of success, you’ll need to engage with several non-customer groups too – all of which can have a significant impact on the industry and your success locally.


    Yep, it’s expensive to enter this industry. This isn’t an industry where shoestring budgets are going do well. So getting investors on board with high quality pitch-decks, mock-ups and business plans can be crucial.

    Elected Officials 

    Councilors, state reps, mayors and county executives may all be allies or roadblocks in advancing the cannabis industry in your local area – so it can be a great advantage to learning how bills are introduced, how to lobby for your interests and put yourself in a position to be invited to advisory or steering groups.

    Local Government Employees 

    These are the guys who issue permits, manage inspections, check your processes and approve your licenses. In our experience they’re always overworked and under-appreciated – most government workers can’t accept gifts worth over $20, so small, useful, branded items can go a long way.

    Local Media

    Twitter is where you’ll find most local journalists thee days, and sending them a DM can be more effective than a press release. Providing hi-res images, B-roll footage, well-written bios and exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities will increase your chances of being the company they call when they need a cannabis sound bite.


    Of course, you can’t forget to engage your local community. Even if they never buy your products, their perception of your brand could help determine their decisions when cannabis votes come up.

    Your cannabis brand, therefore, serves a far greater purpose than simply selling product – it can have a positive impact on non-users too. Our top tips: avoid industry jargon, shift away from stoner cliches, educate and advocate for the benefits of cannabis and seek to get involved with impactful projects in your community.

  • September 20, 2018

    Ghost-proof your business

    We’ve all done it – we’ve all ghosted a business. It’s those times you’ve walked in a store or cafe, been ignored by staff and then just quietly walked out. Or you’ve been underwhelmed by a product or their customer service, but instead of complaining, you just think to yourself ‘i’m never going to shop there again’. 
    Of course, this also means that potential customers are ghosting you too. Maybe you took too long to respond to a query, maybe your packaging looked too amateur, maybe your hours were inconvenient – since these ghosts never became customers, it can be tricky getting definitive details on why they chose not to become a customer, so it’s useful to view your business from an outside perspective to discover the pain points that may be losing you business.
    To get started, think about how people interact with your business in four key spaces – physical spaces (like a store front); virtual spaces (website and email); social spaces (social media, traditional media); and shared spaces (partners’ retail spaces, conferences). In each of these spaces customers may be discovering your business for the first time, deciding whether to purchase or not, or using your product or service. 
    View your businesses from a customer’s perspective and plot the likely interactions your customers have with your business in each space. What are they looking to do? What’s getting in the way? What are the reasons they give up and ghost you?
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  • September 6, 2018

    How to Leave a Great Last Impression with Circular Design

    It’s true, first impressions matter; but have you ever thought about what’s the final impression you leave a customer?Is it trash? And we mean that literally. If your customer’s final interaction with your brand is to toss your empty packaging in the garbage can it may be time to add some Circular Design to your food or edibles business.
    Rather than a linear make-use-dispose route, Circular Design explores how even packaging can be created with a a higher purpose and use materials designed to be reused, repurposed or easily recycled. 
    Our goal with these custom illustrated boxes for Malabar Origins and Mistobox was to design a shipping box that people will want to keep and re-use, rather than throw out.
    So, what’s the final impression you want to leave with your customers?
    subscription box design for Malabar Origins designed by Pretty Lethal Designs
    Malabar origins ornate brand logo designed by Pretty Lethal Designs
  • September 3, 2018

    The Story Behind Our Cannabis Safety Icons

    Simple + direct doesn’t have to = boring + lifeless. Show your products some love by making browsing easy and interesting. Brochure and iconography designed for CannaSafeSolutions

    The custom icons represent personal protective equipment, you know, all the essentials that keep a grow house safe and clean, like gloves, hairnets, hand soap and even full-body hazmat suits and respirators!