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Successful brands don’t happen by accident.

They understand that in order to have the right looks and say the right things, it’s vital to uncover all the facets of ‘who’ your business is and what your customers love most about you.

How We Uncover

Your Best Brand:


Understanding why anyone should give a fuck about your business

To create the best designs that identify you, we need to know who you are and why everyone should take note.

Vision Statement

What future are you helping to create?  And how will you know when you’re a success?

Mission Statement

How do you approach each day to get closer to your Vision?

Brand Values

What characteristics should your brand follow in order to support your Vision & Mission?



Making it easy for your favorite customers to find you and fall madly in love

Now that we know who you are, we want to take a look at who’s around you and see where your brand should shine in order to illuminate possibilities.

Competitive Positioning 

How do you size up against the competition and where are opportunities to use your own strengths to stand out?

Ideal Customer Profile 

Who is your audience and what can we understand about them in order to provide the best products and experience?



Knowing what to say and how to say it in order to *really* be heard

Have all the right words at your fingertips so that you can say the right thing every time.

Brand Voice 

What kind of tone and language should your brand use in order to create it’s own distinctive ‘voice’ that consistent across all of your copy?

Brand Messaging 

Your business bio three ways: your social media bio, your quick ‘elevator pitch’, and your full business description. Now everyone on the team know what to say.



Setting the stage for a brand that always looks fresh and interesting

Knock ‘em dead every time, with designs that are tailored to show off your authentic perks while leave your customers awe-struck with your awesomeness.

Brand Foundation 

– Logo/Identity Design
– Color Palette
– Typography 

Brand Finishes 

– Icons
– Graphics
– Patterns

Then, Polish Off Your Brand With:
Stationary design by Pretty Lethal Designs. Business cards. letterhead. powerpoint template.

Stationery Design

– Business Cards
– Letterhead
– PowerPoint Template

Cannabis packaging design range -PLD

Packaging Design

– Consumer Packaged Good
– Hemp & CBD Products
– Cannabis Edibles
– Cannabis Products
– Box and Shipping Design

Marketing Design

for Retail & Dispensary 

– Information guides
– Signage
– Menus
– Point of Sale
– Exit Packaging

for Social Media 

– Design Templates
– Account Branding

for Sales Materials 

– Catalog
– PowerPoint
– Brochure
– Ads

Pick Your Package

Your business has different branding needs based on your size, goals and—of course—budget. We’ve made it simple for you to get started with brand solution options for any size.


Create Your Custom Design Project

Get exactly what you need with a tailored branding plan that suits your business. Tell us about your business by answering a few Q’s and we’ll be in touch to set up a chat.

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