Big Brand Talent

Elevating Growing Businesses

At Pretty Lethal Designs, unlike 89% of all other brand agencies, all of our creative leaders are women – which mean’s we’re free of the toxic B.S. found in so many ego-driven firms. Instead we treat everyone with respect, support and positivity. Turns out, that’s great for creativity too!

Big Brands Are In Our Blood

We know the right moves because we’ve worked behind the scenes of a lot of household brands and top ad agencies. Together, we’ve join forces to create a pretty lethal combination of skills that help growing businesses establish all of the key facets of an authentic, memorable brand: Strategy, Design, Packaging, Marketing and Copywriting.

We’re a Woman-Owned Midwest Branding Company

Our team of fearless female creatives work collaboratively from across the Midwest to help artisan cannabis businesses build a brand that can compete with the “big guys” gobbling the market.

We’re based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and work with cannabis, food and hemp businesses across the globe. So whatever your time zone, let’s chat.


About The Owner

Samantha Everett
American Born, British Trained

With Harley-riding bikers for parents, I was destined to break from the norm and make my own adventures. Though, instead of hopping on a hog, I jumped on a plane to Wales where I lived for 3 years while earning my degree in Graphic Communication at one of the top design schools in the UK.

From Corporate to Cannabis

My Midwestern work ethic helped me become a highly sought-after resource on the Global Brand teams of companies like Hyatt Hotels and Motorola Solutions.

A Fellow Spoonie

After watching multiple friends with different chronic illnesses go in and out of the hospital struggling to find prescriptions able to provide relief—and, as a fellow ‘spoonie’ with a diagnosed chronic pain disease—I’ve seen how cannabis has helped others in states with legalization programs.

The more I learn about the plant, the policies and the industry, the more strongly I feel the calling to support the success of women in cannabis businesses.

Hospitality & Food Brand Background

With my experience in hospitality branding and food packaging design, I understand how important it is for cannabis dispensaries and edibles producers to build a brand with intention in order to stand out and shine in their own light within the fast-growing market.

Our Fluffy

Little Bosses

Not gonna lie, these are the ones who really run the show around here. If you hear snuffles, borks, huffs, or jingles while on a call with us, it’s probably just one of the pups adding their input or grumbling that we’re disturbing their nap. 


Ollie is our overly extroverted senior Yorkie who dreams of being a store greeter. He is the king of the castle and graciously welcomes everyone with excitement and enthusiasm.


Sasha is our newest rescue pup. This 6yo Maltese has quickly become an overachieving team member considering the office is her favorite place to hang out—even after hours. 

Furever Loved
Our rescue Maltese, Gwynnie, sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2017 from her heart defects after two years as our professional sassypants. Her legacy reminds us that even tiny creatures can have a larger-than-life impact on others.