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You can't lead if you're always chasing trends.

Pretty Lethal creates Branding that cuts to what’s most meaningful — to your loyal fans, strongest supporters, and for the legacy you want to create.

Balancing creativity with practicality, we cultivate a brand that’s true to the bone, so you can confidently progress from the soul of what makes your brand special – and get killer results along the way.


Establish a proof of concept or a new brand that can keep up. Our packages include everything for Branding that’s ready for a marathon of marketing.

Launch onto the market fierce, focused, and prepared.


Fill gaps in your Branding by focusing on one or more of the most important (and often put-off) tools that empower your marketing and creative teams.

Strengthen your brand where it’s needed the most.



Protect what customers and team members love about you, so your rebrand strengthens and builds upon what’s working well.

Hone your competitive edge by building on proven success.


Get the information you need to take the right next steps. Identify, prioritize, and better understand needs. And get expert insights before any big branding changes. 

Gain the insights and clarity to make your next move.



Extend your brand experience to spark the urge to take your products home. And, get the tools to win and protect your retail shelf position.

Design systems that make the complex, simple.


Tame Your Branding Challenges


Exclusive to your inbox.  Only available once a quarter.

Not Another
Soulless Brand.

We’re a curious bunch who celebrate the unusual everywhere we go. Founded by a cannabis patient known to roam, we understand the power of cannabis and the importance brands have in keeping communities and cultures alive. 

And, we want to see more local areas thrive with opportunity, and become the sought-after destination gems they deserve to be.

Since 2014, we’ve translated our experience with CPG, hospitality, and hotels to help cannabis products, lounges, and dispensaries create compelling brands that support their long-term vision.

Originally founded in Chicago as Pretty Lethal Designs, we’ve worked with clients across the globe to strengthen existing brands and create sophisticated new brands from scratch.


Our small team is made of coast-to-coast (and Midwest) experts in their field, collaborating in a remote agency.


Known just as Pretty Lethal today, our clients come back to us because we get their needs, limitations, and goals – not pushing our own style or agenda. And, of course, because the expertise and creative are always sharp.

Despite being a new company, we now have a brand that is immediately recognizable to the general public. Their team really helped establish the strong name that we now have behind us. 

Flour Girl & Flame

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